Gas Cylinder Test Station

AMS operates a Global Mark certified Gas Cylinder test station under ID number GM-013. This certification allows our skilled team of signatories to inspect and test seamless (AS2337.1), and Composite cylinders (AS2337.1/3).

Calibrated GO-NO

Go gauges ensure correctness and integrity of threads.

Using calibrated high precision tooling, our experienced signatories carry out visual inspections of cylinders prior to and after hydrostatic testing.

Expansion is measured through highly accurate scales rather than the old school burettes system.

Using our state of the art Hydrostatic Test Rig, we are able to conduct volumetric expansion test of cylinders to a maxim pressure of 11000 PSI.

Testing hoses is no less important than testing cylinders. Both become part of an integral inflation system.

Using both N² pressure and hydrostatic methods we are able to test hoses up to a maximum pressure of 5000 PSI.

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