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In recognition of AMS Maritime’s virtuosity in Asset maintenance and delivering above customers’ expectations, service level agreements and availability targets, in 2014 AMS Maritime was awarded for the third time the Maintenance Contract for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for a period of ten (10) years. This ensured that AMSG has supported AMSA for a total of 24 years.

Within this AMSA Aids to Navigation contract AMSG maintains the following systems:

AMS Maritime installs, upgrades and maintains all lit and unlit Aids to Navigation across the AMSA’s network.  This contract includes all structural repairs associated with Aids to Navigation that ranges from heritage listed lighthouses to remote located GRP huts and pile structures.

AMS Maritime is required to respond accordingly to the repair and maintenance of Aids to Navigation outages where-ever they may be in the time required as recommended by the IALA standard for international Aids to Navigation.

AMS Maritime currently monitors all AtoN sites status on a 24/7 basis. In addition, as a result of a growing population of installed electronic systems world-wide, AMS is implementing even greater monitoring and reporting rigour for maintenance events.

In addition to conducting general support maintenance AMS Maritime supports AMSA through providing Maintenance Management, Engineering Services, ILS including warehousing and stock management and Design Engineering.

AMS Maritime has installed and now maintains under a high availability service level agreement the entire Australian national DGPS network. The DGPS dispersed network is located in various remote locations nationally including:

  •                Cape Schanck
  •                Cape Flattery
  •                Sydney
  •                Mackay
  •                Karratha
  •                Darwin

AMS Maritime communications networks expertise extends to analogue to digital interfacing and the in service maintenance and evolution of legacy networks in modern technology.  AMS Maritime has also been directly involved in a rolling modernisation program directed at upgrading the existing DGPS sites and improving some legacy system limitations.

In addition, AMS Maritime currently monitors all DGPS sites status on a 24/7 basis.  In addition, as a result of a growing population of installed electronic systems world-wide, AMS is implementing even greater monitoring and reporting rigour for maintenance events.

AMS Maritime has been an early implementer of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) world-wide. This has been through our extensive involvement in IALA AIS working groups.  We have an established Asset Management Strategy, with supporting Maintenance Regimes and Job Plans to control the quality of maintaining the REEFVTS radar network.

AMS Maritime has a highly developed capability in this specialised field and has had direct association with significant milestones in the introduction of AIS throughout regional Australia and internationally.

AMS Maritime has wide-ranging Australian and International capability in the maintenance of Radars.  We support the maintenance of Radars through the application of professional in-house expertise. AMS Maritime has maintained REEFVTS Radars and communications links on a continuous basis for the AMSA network since 2001.  The Reef VTS Radars are located on remote reefs and Cays of the Great Barrier Reef, thus posing enormous access and environmental problems as well as technical challenges through lack of infrastructure.

AMS Maritime has installed and now maintains the meteorological ocean sensors for the Torres Strait region for the AMSA Reef VTS and Maritime Safety Queensland Reef pilots.  AMS Maritime’s virtuosity in engineering has ensured that these sensors are available and meet the critical requirement of an availability of 99.98%.

The ocean current sensors, wave sensors and tide gauge sensors are critical for the ability to have safe and continued transit of large cargo vessels in and around the Torres Strait.  AMS Maritime has broad knowledge and in-house experience in maintain not only the sensor but the infrastructure in ensuring buoys floating systems provide continual operation.