AMS Management

Russell Walsh

Manager, Assets and Infrastructure

Warren Anderson

Key Account Manager AMSA ETC and SAR

Shaun Fisher

Key Account Manager, Infrastructure

Dave Scutt

Key Account Manager, AMSA Aids to Navigation Maintenance

Mark Campbell

Key Account Manager, Customer Information Systems

Cottia Meadowcroft

Manager, Human Resources

Bianca Dunlop

Operations Support Manager

Andrew Dillon

Manager, Engineering, Technology, and Maintenance Support

Rainer Coetzee

Manager, Projects

Matt Lyons 

Manager, IT Department

William Thurlow

Manager, Systems and Technology

Wesley Klopper

Operations Manager, Poseidon Sea Pilots

Andy Vidler

Manager, Procurement, Warehousing and Logistics

Paul Slingsby

Manager, Life Support Systems

Chris McDonnnell

Manager, Hazardous Material and Protective Coatings

Gavin Barry

Manager, Pilotage

Shaun Kelly

Manager, Security Solutions

Travis Markwick

Regional Manager (South), Access Datacom